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If you crave a notebook that can support your hobby as a gamer, the Aspire Z3-451 is worth considering. This notebook brings many advantages in it, ranging from performance suitable for various daily needs, such as gaming, multimedia or design, up to the stylish model. When curious about the power of Aspire Z3-451, here are some reasons why this one should be your notebook soon.

Powerful Performance for Gaming

For you who like to play games, Acer Aspire Z3-451 is suitable because it has been equipped with a qualified spec. Faster performance and integrated graphics that qualified able to run a variety of heavy applications and games with high frame rate levels are quite high well.

Support upgraded RAM up to 16GB (2 slots) is also an 'extra power' that will provide more performance for the Aspire Z3-451 multitasking capabilities. Moreover, this notebook supports Dual Channel memory configuration, allowing you to get up to 2 times the performance compared to single channel memory configuration. With this advantage, playing the game Call of Duty, Battlefield, and various other latest 3D games not only can run smoothly, but also pleasing to the eye thanks to good graphics quality.

Complete I / O port

This notebook will not let the gaming activity disrupted just because less USB port. Therefore, do not be surprised if the Aspire Z3-451 is accompanied by many USB port slots. With a total of 4 USB ports, this notebook can connect to more devices at a time without the hassle of adding a USB hub port. This is important because as a gamer, you need more USB slots along with the growing peripheral needs.

14-inch screen size also makes the Aspire Z3-451 more comfortable and more freely used for various purposes, ranging from gaming to watching multimedia video. You can even play games with bigger screens, like HD TV or projector thanks to the HDMI port available on this notebook. Just connect the cable, sit on the couch, then play the game with a comfortable and fun on the bigger screen. You can also display images to 3 pieces at once to expand your work area. It's so exciting!

Premium Design with Unique Features

Aspire Display Z3-451 is also a plus value offered Acer. Unlike most rigid gaming notebooks, the Aspire Z3-451 actually performs premium. Midnight black color with a touch of hair-brush line increasingly makes the Aspire Z3-451 more stylish and elegant. With a cool notebook like this, your confidence will surely increase when using the Aspire Z3-451 in the public space.

While in terms of comfort, the Aspire Z3-451 offers a touchpad with Smart Gesture feature to provide convenience in operating the notebook. The existence of a touchpad that supports Windows 10 Gesture will make you more easily in directing objects on the screen with just the cursor. For example, you can do two finger taps that have the same commands as clicking the right button on the mouse, two finger slides to scroll the screen sideways or downwards or upwards, and two finger pinch to zoom.

Aspire Z3-451 screen is also seen conveniently viewed for a long period of time. The presence of Acer BlueLight Shield technology in it helps reduce the emission of blue light on the screen so that your eyes do not get tired even though using the notebook for hours. In addition, the Aspire Z3-451 supports many Windows OS, from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and comes with Driver CD.

So, it is clear that the Aspire Z3-451 is indeed reliable for all activities, especially gaming. Moreover, its stylish appearance becomes a plus point for you who are always mobile. Let's make sure you soon have the Aspire Z3-451 at a fairly affordable price in its class!


Processor AMD A-Series quad-core processor A10-5757M (4 MB L2 cache, up  to 3.5 GHz, 35W)
Display 14” HD (1366×768) 16:9
Graphic AMD Radeon HD8650G
Storage 500GB HDD
Input & Output

2x USB 2.0

2x USB 3.0


1x VGA


Wireless & Networking Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi
Camera HD WebCam

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